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Grass that wilts

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Grass that wilts

October 30, 2016      In Uncategorized Comments Off on Grass that wilts

Grass that Wilts – Even with Proper Amounts of Water

In Tampa Bay, some parts of yards may have areas that appear to be wilted, even if the yard is properly watered. This can be a hint that you have a problem underneath the grass. The Hunting Billbug, also known as the Zoysia Billbug, may be the source of the problem. Ultimately, if not controlled this weevil can spread and can destroy your lawn.

Even though this bug is commonly known as the “Zoysia” billbug, that doesn’t mean that it only lives in Zoysiagrass. In fact, it thrives in many different kinds of grasses and plants. Zoysiagrass and Bermudagrass are the most common. But it also can thrive in Bahiagrass, St. Augustingrass, centipedegrass, corn and even wheat.

The adult of this insect can be difficult to identify, because they often are caked in dirt and have a claylike coating on the outside. Additionally, they can range to grey to black, and they may have reddish or brown areas. The larvae often are confused with white grubs.

This bug feeds mostly on the roots. So, there may not be a lot of evidence of infestation until it becomes too late. The chewing will normally happen underground, where you won’t see it. The first hint may be some yellow spots. If the infestation gets bad enough, the roots may even separate, allowing the grass to become separated from the ground. Ultimately, this can kill your grass, resulting in a decrease in curb appeal.

Another side effect of these weevils is that there are creatures here in Tampa Bay that like to feed on the larvae. This means that if you have weevils, your yard may be a target for various creatures. Moles, armadillos and even skunks may dig up your yard to eat the critters. Drawing these critters to your yard is not a good idea – the last thing you need is a skunk in your attic.

If you have billbugs, you will need to have your yard treated to kill them off. If you aren’t aware of billbugs in your yard, it makes sense to keep treating regularly so that they don’t move in. By all means, if you have had a skunk, armadillo or mole digging up your yard, having an expert treat it for billbugs and other similar insects that attract those animals in your neighborhood. Doing so can save you the expense of replacing your hole yard, and hopefully will make your yard less attractive to critters.

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