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TV Commercials

August 10, 2016      In Uncategorized Comments Off on TV Commercials

Tampa Lawn (685x255) (3)There are changes taking place in this day and age. There was a time when we all got our fill of advertisements from print media and television. When people read more often they got a chance to see the latest ad on shaving or coke products. Women magazines would naturally cater to the things women desire.

It was a simple world with simple rules. There was even a show called Mad Men that depicted the era of print and TV advertising.

Nowadays though we have social media and streaming devices. I personally rarely if ever watch live television. That is a lot of commercials I am missing and advertisers know this.

I interviewed over the phone a company called Tampa Lawn and Pest Control. Their website has a simple layout with informative articles on what they do. The owner was not doing the traditional route in getting people to know his business. Instead he hired a digital marketing company to place them in prime spots in Google searches.

This to him was a far better ROI than the standard methods. In time he said he will diversify his ad placement and even do some social media ads. But for now he is investing all his capital in being number #1 in his city via search.

In keeping up with the times this owner is staying ahead of the curve and making sure he is getting the best value for his money. I say that is pretty smart.

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