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How did we get here?

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How did we get here?

July 27, 2016      In Uncategorized Comments Off on How did we get here?

The ever consistent down slide of culture and television is pretty obvious. Everywhere we look we see the constant degradation of civility and morality.

Of course those things are relative these days. Who gives anyone the right to make those claims. We are all accountable to our positions. Whatever we choose we have to see it all the way through. Makes no sense mixing it along the way.

Can we adapt? Sure. We can change our position at some point but it has to be strong enough to cast out your old belief.

For instance if someone says we shouldn’t waste money on wild ideas and then head and get a yacht charter in Miami. ┬áIf someone doesn’t believe we should watch too much television then they shouldn’t be spending all their time there.

Right now of course we have the election going on and that brings all kinds of filth. Trump and Clinton. Wow. Who would of thought that would happen? If this doesn’t prove to you the direction the populace is going, I don’t know what will.

This will be a blog about culture and TV. In the coming days I will opine more on the subject.

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