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Television and Culture

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Television and Culture

July 7, 2016      In Uncategorized No Comments

In this day and age there is probably nothing more repugnant than television. A component that can be used for many good things has turned into something sinister. A form of mind control. Or is it?

Thee has been a shift lately where TV has been taken back into the hands of the consumer. Instead of consuming the endless barrage of commercials and news media, we can just watch what we want to watch. The millennials are changing the way we absorb media. Is this a good thing?

I always say that education is paramount to the survival of any culture. If we don’t know where we came from then how will know what is truth and lie? Part of growing up is being sensitive to deception. If we can’t tell the difference then maybe the new changes in media isn’t such a good thing.

One thing is for certain that the only news that sells is bad news. The constant “Breaking News” cycle has de-sensitized us to the reality of the world we live in. The shocking things become normal. The abnormal is the standard.

Then we move on to the shows. The gratuity has slowly become the European style of television. We have to see everything that could happen when someone uses a chainsaw on your body. We need to see what rape looks like. We have an insatiable appetite for reality that we get angered when it happens in real life.

I witnessed people ogling over a video that shows a man who got shot by a police officer. Everyone was up in arms about how this has to stop yet no one was understanding what they were actually watching. This isn’t pretend.

That isn’t ketchup.

In spite of that I didn’t see any post or mention of that fact. They might as well be watching TV. Next month the channel will change and it will be a new fight.

There has to be something that will say “Enough”. What can we do?

I say we speak out by unplugging it. Step out of the sewer and take a shower. Rinse off the crud and find something else to eat. The sooner we do that they better outlook we will have.

Make that change. Be the positive beacon of light.

It starts with you.

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